something a little different this winter. 2 nutters take their trusty steeds up into the snowy pyrenees mountains, camping, in rain, wind, snow, ice, and fog, with tempertures dropping down to the minus figures. this was less a holiday, and more and adventure or challenge, though that said, it was every bit as enjoyable as any holiday Iíve been on. who says it has to be sitting on a warm beach.

joining me (or inviting me) on this trip was alan again, from the strada di torcimento lunga trip, again on his versys, and me on the not so trusty ulysses.

we encountered 90mph punctures, cow bells into the wee hours, torrential rain, biting cold, thick cold fog, 6foot of snow on the mountain passes, slush on the roads, and more torrential rain, 1700 metre mountain passes, CAT diggers in snow chains, chatty spanish waitresses, poor french driving, friendly french police, closed mountain roads, places new, and places familiar!


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