the first trip of 2012 brings a long weekender to the brecon beacons and the black mountains. again teamed with alan fron this will be alans 2nd trip to this area, so i'll be gleaning my local knowledge of where the best roads and alike are from him. may might not be the best time of year for wales (then again, when is, when most places are known coloquially as "The Pissy Valley"), but having tackled rain, snow, sleet, and hail in the pyrenees in november, this should be a walk in the park! the trip will be a quick motorway buzz there and back, and 3 good days riding in the coutryside there taking in the brecon beacons national park, and the black mountains! camping again, we have both upsized our tents to accomodate for the extended periods taking shelter in one of the many Pissy Valleys!


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after a pleasant ride up and over to the brecon beacon national park, we made our saturday night reservation at the erwlon campsite near llandovery. the sunday didnt quite go to plan, with torrential rain most of the day. we had a lazy breakfast at the west end biker cafe, and then a lazy afternoon at the blue bell inn in llandovery itself. monday offered a dry spell, which we made the most of with a bumble around the park itself, and a trip further north in the hills of the black mountains through some very narrow lanes across rough terrain for alans new ducati. the evening was spent with a bbq and a failed bear grylls improved shelter. tuesday was a long haul home in again torrential rain, with some near misses on the M4 in 50m visibility. many thanks to collette and robyn from the blue bell for hospitality and the prefilled hot water bottle for my travelling comrade!



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